On 7, 8 and 9 February, Munckhof is present at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin (hall 2.1, stand C-20) where we will show some of our innovative Orchard Machinery. We will be happy to tell you more about “Munckhof Connect”, our vision of the orchard of the future where precision farming at tree level (every tree the same vigor, yield and quality!) is central to all Munckhof innovations. 

We look forward to welcome you at our stand C-20 in hall 2.1!

Pluk-O-Trak XL Hybrid

Munckhof’s latest innovation: a completely newly developed hybrid-powered Pluk-O-Trak. Fruit picking while you hear the birds singing, no vibrations and no smell – still enjoying the benefits of charging the batteries with an integrated diesel engine during coffee break. Picking with 6 to 8 people (250 to 350kg/person/hour) ie. 30 to 40% better picking performance. At the Fruit Logistica, Munckhof is presenting this New Pluk-O-Trak Hybrid now with a fully automatic bin change! In addition, this machine has been designed so that the superstructure can be removed and the machine can be used as an working platform up to 4.5 meters high. On the stand, we would like to demonstrate the unique work platform design and tell you about the other functions.


Root pruning at tree level

The precision root pruner is Isobus-controlled and is compatible with the Müller (Touch 800) spray computer.

The knife is deployed to variably regulate vigor at tree level and aims to achieve a homogeneous orchard. Through precision techniques in fruit cultivation that require less labor, fewer resources and a more homogeneous orchard. There are practical examples varying up to € 3000,-/hectare of additional income to be generated. It has a root cutting depth of 70 cm, that is autonomously controlled by a GPS/task map. The blade moves variably and can make a full stroke in ± 1 second!


“Plug-in” Pluk-O-Trak and M-Connect

The Pluk-O-Trak harvesting machine is now also available with 100% electric drive. So “plug-in” electric, CO2 Neutral, no loss in power and can be used for up to 3 days without recharging. In many cases, this machine falls within local subsidy schemes, making the investment favorable. This harvesting machine is a real pleasure for your picking crew to work on in the orchard. These machines are equipped with remote service system. The Pluk-O-Trak on our stand in Berlin features M-Connect Harvest Registration for real-time harvest registration (size, color and yield) as well as real-time registration of the picking performance, track and trace and hour registration by your picking team. We are happy to show it to you!

Renewed bin filler

The modernized fruit bin filler features a unique filling system with adjustable rotational speed. Because of food-safe materials and easily adjustable variable filling height, the bins can be filled, damage-free with fruit. This bin filler can be used in combination with virtually any type of grading machine and can be controlled remotely.




3 Row VariMAS precision sprayer with PWM
At the Fruit Logistica, Munckhof will present their latest PWM nozzle-controlled 3 rows VariMAS precision orchard sprayer. This new technique contributes to further environmental and quality improvement for the fruit and increases yield through more homogeneous fruit production (in applications for e.g. blossom & fruit thinning techniques). New options on the Munckhof VariMAS sprayers include ring line system, automatic flushing program, nozzle protection, automatic row width settings and automatic headland motion control. In addition, PWM controlled spray nozzles is the latest development in Munckhof’s precision fruit growing program. Variable rate spraying at tree level! This means that the droplet size and flow can be controlled separately for each individual nozzle. The 3 Row VariMAS sprayer is available in 3 tank sizes: 1500L, 2000L and 3000L. Furthermore, small but valuable improvements have been made for the protection of the Varimas drivers, mounting of the weather station and a quick cap switch.

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