Spray installations

Class according to Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators

Munckhof Fruit Innovator launched its first spraying plant to market in the sixties of the last century. Over 50 years of knowledge, experience and innovation in spraying technology ensure that our installations are extremely user-friendly, while at the same time having the lowest possible costs for operation and the highest possible capacity. Due to the high degree of drift reduction, you bring crop protection agents and fertilizers exactly where they belong.

Almost any part of all our crop protection plants has been developed and manufactured in-house. This is our way of ensuring the best possible quality and the certainty that every component is always available quickly. We believe in sound, sustainable, simple and effective. Our sprayers are known for their proven accuracy and reliability. And they stay that way, year in year out.

Widely applicable in fruit growing and viticulture, worldwide

Munckhof’s orchard sprayers are widely applicable in both fruit and wine growing, in both flat and mountainous areas and on a sand, clay and rock subsoil. Our spraying installations are suitable for the application of both crop protection agents and fertilizers. Munckhof Fruit Innovators supplies trailed and carried spraying installations.