Harvesting machines

Harvesting machines for fruit growing

Smart shaking or accelerating the picking process in a smart way? Munckhof has developed the advanced Boomschudder (Tree Shaker) and the famous Pluk-O-Trak for the fast, efficient and especially labor-saving harvesting of fruit, nuts and olives. High-quality basic designs that are supplied as standard, or completely customized.

Class according to Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators

More than 130 years of knowledge, experience and innovation ensure that almost every part of our machines is developed and manufactured in-house. This is our way of ensuring the best possible quality and the highest possible certainty that each component is always quickly available. We believe in sound, sustainable, simple and effective. Munckhof Fruit Innovators relies on the benefits of petrol. Low fuel consumption (0.5 liters per hour), hardly any vibrations and much less smell and noise than diesel driven machines. Our harvesters are high-quality and reliable. And they stay that way, year in and year out.

Improve your harvesting process with the Pluk-O-Trak picking machine

Harvesting employees pick at different heights and focus entirely on the picking itself. The Pluk-O-Trak automates the rest of the picking process. Our picking machine is an effective aid in thinning and pruning trees. The Pluk-O-Trak is used for the harvest of, among others, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums and oranges.

Tree Shaker for optimal harvesting

The Tree Shaker is designed for efficiently and effectively harvesting fruit for the food industry and for harvesting nuts. The Boomschudder is labor-saving and achieves a high yield per hour. Our Boomschudder is used in practical situations when harvesting cherries, apples, olives, walnuts and almonds.