** Visit Munckhof at Interpoma 2018 in Bolzano / Bozen Italy **


Company profile

More than 134 years of expertise and know how in development, design and supply of spraying technology, harvesting and logistic systems for fruit farming (since 1884)

Share Innovative Technology

Our ambition is to create added value by cooperation and partnerships in technology, automation and consultancy and offering a total package for Crop Protection (Spraying Systems) and efficient Harvesting and sustainable production of fruits.

Logistics, crop protection and grow stimulation guarding and improving by co-creation and quality improvement by using Big Data and Smart Detection.
Smart Control and ergonomic High Tech systems will be optimized by Precision Farming.
Smart Cameras, sensors, GPS technology and data management by Apps will give accurate status information.

Reduction of workforce – More Ergonomic Features

Less available people more automation and ergonomics are strongly required for Crop Protection and Harvesting.

Intelligent Monitoring – Data Generation For Higher Yield

Goal: create and supply accurate data charts, analysis input, costs calculation, support for realization of more turnover and better quality for fruit farmer and supply chain.


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