VariMAS Orchard Sprayer from Munckhof saves energy and substantially reduces the consumption of crop protection products

The Munckhof VariMAS 3 Orchard Sprayer is one of the most sophisticated machines offered by Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators. The sprayer for orchards, vineyards and berry crops has recently been upgraded by incorporating technical innovations in the drive and discharge opening control system. The result is a 20% to 40% fuel saving and a drop of between 15% and 30% in the consumption of crop protection products.

More efficient PTO drive requires less power
The VariMAS has been developed in collaboration with fruit growers in order to satisfy requirements for a high-capacity sprayer. The Munckhof VariMAS 3 is suitable for three-row operation to ensure that fruit growers can treat all their trees and shrubs in just hours in response to imminent weather changes, or when they need to react quickly to prevent the spread of disease. This is achieved through accurate control of the chassis speed, the pressure at the nozzles (7 bars) and the speed of the pump. The optimal relationship between air and fluid ensures good air flow and perfect atomisation. This minimises wastage of the expensive crop spraying products. Tests performed by Wageningen University (WUR) indicate that the VariMAS achieves a drift reduction of 99%. Because the VariMAS 3 sucks in air from above, the system does not draw in leaves and blossoms. The new technical innovations that Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators has incorporated in the control arrangement for the discharge openings substantially reduce fuel consumption and crop protection product usage.

Sophisticated measurement technology and a new control arrangement for the discharge openings
Anybody who wants to spray orchards, vineyards or berry crops as efficiently as possible starts by ensuring that the crop protection products are applied in the places where they have the greatest effect. Munckhof has improved the engineering concept of the VariMas by investing in a more efficient PTO drive with a reduced operating speed of between 350 and 400 rpm. As a result, the tractor now only has to supply 85 hp to the VariMAS drive in order to treat three rows simultaneously. Munckhof has also upgraded the technology for measuring wind direction and obtaining a GPS fix. The computer-controlled control arrangement for the discharge openings has been revised and improved. Highly accurate data regarding wind direction and driving direction, and more efficient control of the discharge openings reduce the consumption of crop protection products by 15% to 30%. In combination, the more efficient drive and the revised control arrangement for the discharge openings deliver a fuel saving of 20% to 40%. The investment in control and instrumentation technology has also contributed to the high level of drift reduction and better leaf coverage.

VariMAS now also available for lease
The VariMAS 3 is also available in a compact, easy-to-manoeuvre sprayer design for single-row application of crop protection products. Furthermore, the VariMAS can now be procured via a lease arrangement.


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