60% fuel saving thanks to new flow control system on the VariMAS 3-row sprayer from Munckhof

Results of a study carried out by Wageningen University & Research


Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators continuously improves its VariMAS spraying equipment.
To achieve this, the company works with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and other knowledge institutes.
For example, Munckhof recently upgraded its new flow control system for the VariMAS 3-row sprayer in order to reduce fuel consumption during operation.
Tests performed by WUR indicate that this improved system achieves a fuel saving of 60% compared to traditional spraying systems (cross-flow fan technique).
This amounts to a saving of 3.3 litres per hectare per spraying operation.

Spraying at low pressure, low air volume and low engine speed

Until now, engineers have always assumed that high-pressure spraying at 400 to 540 rpm gives the best spraying result.
At this speed, a high volume of air passes at high pressure through the spraying system.
The result is a fine mist, greater drift and more even leaf coverage.
Munckhof and WUR have jointly investigated the effects and benefits of spraying a low volume of air at low pressure.
The purpose of the study was to reduce the consumption of crop protection products and improve leaf deposition (higher microlitre/cm2 values).
Munckhof developed a new flow control system specifically for this purpose, which combines a number of the innovative spraying techniques used for the VariMAS.

Additional features have been added to take different tree heights into account.
The spraying technology has also been optimised in other areas to reduce the number of harmful insects and fungi.
Previous studies resulted in a 99.5% reduction in drift, more deposition at the bottom, centre and top of the tree and a potential saving in crop protection product consumption of 20 to 50%.
These latest tests performed by WUR show that Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators’ new flow control system now also delivers a fuel saving of 60% compared to traditional spraying systems (including the cross-flow fan technique).
The new spraying strategy involves spraying at a speed that is slightly lower than the previous lower limit.
The lower pressure and the lower air volume result in a low PTO speed.

More information

The VariMAS has been developed in collaboration with fruit growers in order to satisfy requirements for a high-capacity sprayer.
The VariMAS is available in versions for 1 and 3 rows.
More information on the fuel saving offered by the new flow control for the VariMAS units is available from Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators: info@munckhof.org, www.munckhof.org or 0031 (0)77 3981001.

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